We are pleased to complete the second trimestrial (April-June 2006) issue of JEE.ro. It is a blending of directly received papers and selected papers from OPTIM 2004 International Conference, technically sponsored by IEEE-IAS, IES, PELS (see: www.info-optim.ro to get info on OPTIM 2006 and 2008) which we encourage you to attend. Since we opened the direct uploading of paper proposals for JEE.ro, the number of entries has increased notably, so we need the reviewers to be even more responsive than up to now. We also like to ask the potential authors to send papers with both theoretical (and digital simulation results) and experiments, to increase their chances to be accepted in view of harder competition. We will continue to keep the spectrum of the journal wide: power electrical and electronics engineering for industrial and residential applications as we see all these as a coherent subject in electric energy conversion and processing for better productivity and less environmental damage. I end here thanking authors and reviewers for making JEE.ro better and better. Prof.dr.ing. Ion Boldea Fellow of IEEE Chief Editor of JEE.ro

Published: 2006-02-08