Author's right
New: As our Journal is still free of charge for both, authors and readers, the author's right that w...
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A new book review
Check the new books section to find the review for "Grid converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power ...
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Editorial Board Membership
According to our regulations, a reviewer is eligible for membership in the Editorial Board after one...
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Impact Factor Information
www.JEE.ro impact factor is: 0.78 for 2011; 0.967 for 2012 Source: Global Institute for Scienti...
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New book review
Check our new books section...
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Three strict rules,to better the Journal
*The prospected authors are expected to refrain from transmitting their paper to any other publishin...
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Journal unique identification
As the access to technology and information become more easily, many Journals are appearing world wi...
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