Volume 7, issue no. 4, 2007 of JEE.ro is here. This time we have processed only directly uploaded papers through our internet console. While we are glad that the geographical distribution of authors has become notably larger, we still have to insist of urging the potential authors to include when ever possible experimental work, to read and assess at least 10 references in the field to place the paper properly in the global research community. Also, more care is needed in supplying complete data for the digital simulations and experimental work such that to facilitate the duplication of results by a diligent reader. We also want to urge the reviewers to be more prompt such that we do not overload a few of them which are more responsive by nature. In 2008 we do have the International Conference OPTIM 2008 (see: www.info-optim.ro) technically sponsored by IEEE from which we will also select some papers for further review and publication in the Journal beside the directly uploaded papers. So, we suggest the potential authors to prepare even better papers than before as the competition grows further. We end by thanking authors and reviewers for their contribution to JEE.ro 2007 and whish you all a good New Year 2008. Professor Ion Boldea IEEE Fellow Editor of the Journal

Published: 2006-04-23