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Sivkumar Mishra
Debapriya Das


This paper presents a simple algorithm to allocate active losses to the various consumers in an unbalanced radial distribution system. An active loss allocation formula for a balanced radial distribution system is first developed .and the loss allocation scheme is then proposed based on this formula. The scheme is then extended to allocate loss for an unbalanced radial distribution system. The proposed loss allocation method utilizes the load flow results of the multiphase unbalanced radial distribution system to allocate the active losses to the various consumers of the system connected at the different buses. To obtain the load flow results, the forward and backward sweep method has been used in which the system loads are modeled as composite loads. The feeder power losses for various phases are calculated first from the load flow. Using the loss allocation formula developed earlier, the real power losses are allocated to the various consumers. The loss allocation scheme has been successfully implemented with the three practical test distribution systems.

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