JEE is now in the 7th year, issue no.3 (of 4 per year). Since we provided fully automated paper uploading and reviewing facilities, we received more and more papers such that in the last two years the average percentage of rejected papers has reached 30%.This tells all potential authors that they need to send as strong and as complete papers as possible. Next year we will approach again ISI for a second evaluation in view of joining ISI as a Journal. Being a young Journal it takes some time and more effort to meet ISI criteria but we are determined to follow the path through. Sometime ago we launched search for outstanding still young scholars to be considered for the editorial board as future paper reviewers. So far the reaction was rather shy so we renew our request for new volunteer reviewers. Thanks again to authors and reviewers for the good job so far, hoping for even better input in the future. Sincerely, Professor Ion Boldea Editor of

Published: 2006-03-01