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M. Djarallah


A great progress has been made in the PV material fabrication; however, the evolution in the corresponding design tools is not promoted, especially in the grid connected PV system. So, a more advanced examination is needed for each component, particularly the power conditioning unit (PCU); which is mainly the key element in this system. The success optimal operation of the whole system depends on the decision that any designer has to make for the determination of the power conditioner parameters. This concerns, in particular, systems development and their control strategies, which depend completely on the available design tools and the implantation techniques. In this paper, a set of relatively simple decoupled modelling mathematical formulae, suitable for both, direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) frames are developed and investigated. These expressions are useful in sizing photovoltaic (PV) arrays and PCU parameters. Also, they allow the determination of the minimum power to be recovered and the corresponding modulation index. Such expressions are validated, then simulated and followed by a discussion of a grid connected PV system case study.

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