Volume 21 no 2, 2021 is here with 20 papers (lower than usual, probably due to the Covid 19 issues too, in the last 15 months); the good new is the good quality of papers and their broad spectrum in Electrical Engineering (EE), from power electronics drives, to power electronics for distributed power, to electrostatics, to advanced recent optimization algorithms in EE, electromedical subjects, advanced robust control and power transformers, etc.

We expect in the near future more valuable paper entries in all fields of EE, once we exit the influence of Covid 19, with solid original contributions, comprehensive theoretical documentation and convincing experimental results.

Please notice that still "www.jee.ro" is open gratis both for authors and for readers and is archived by COSMOS.com in Germany.



Prof. Ion Boldea,

IEEE Life Fellow, Editor in Chief

Published: 2021-10-01

A novel Optimal Power Flow study with TCPS

Dr. S. Sankar, Dr. M. N. Saravana Kumar