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Ahmed R Adly


Adaptive single pole automatic reclosure (ASPAR) scheme for transmission lines (TL) using wavelet packet transform (WPT) is presented in this paper. The presented scheme only needs on-line voltage data that are sampled from one end of the lines. The proposed scheme uses an adaptive threshold level in order to be suitable for the probable network-topology changes. The scheme is based on second, third, and fifth harmonics values in order to distinguish between the permanent and temporary (transient) faults. Also, it is based on monitoring the DC component to identify the arc extinction time. The performance evaluation is accomplished considering 220 kV single and double circuits transmission lines, simulated by the ATP/EMTP package under different system configurations such as shunt/series compensators (shunt reactors and series capacitors). The impact of shunt/series compensators on the line voltage is noticed and, therefore, the mal-operation of the presented auto-reclosing scheme is avoided. The sample results of the assessment are declared and discussed.

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[1] A. R. Adly, R. A. El Sehiemy and A. Y. Abdelaziz, A Negative Sequence Superimposed Pilot Protection Technique during Single Pole Tripping, Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 137, pp. 175-189, 2016.