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The simulation and analysis of Zeta converter based
Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver in open loop and closed loop
configuration has been considered in this paper. The Zeta converter
maintains near unity power factor on LED load of 100 W. The zeta
converter with reduced control circuitry is used in this work for
obtaining the benefit of less cost and small size. Pulse width
modulation technique is used for generating gating pulse for the
converter to regulate the output voltage with improved power factor
and reduced total harmonic distortion (THD).The open loop and
closed loop operation of zeta converter based LED drive are
compared based on the input power factor, current THD and

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[1] Garg, Man Mohan, Yogesh V. Hote, and Mukesh K. Pathak, "PI controller design of a dcdc Zeta converter for specific phase margin and cross-over frequency, 10th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), 2015.