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S. K. Bishnoi


This paper presents, the modelling and control
of Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive. Digital
Signal Processor (DSP-TMS320F2812) controlled high
performance SRM drive is used for experimental work.
Both linear and nonlinear models of SRM are discussed
and presented. Linear model of SRM is easy to simulate
but it fails to generate accurate results. To meet the
requirements of practical world a more accurate model of
SRM is to be developed. The nonlinear model
incorporates the nonlinearity of magnetization
characteristics as well as torque and current profiles. The
magnetic based modelling is physically motivated, and it
fits to motor geometry. Experimental results of SRM drive
obtained on digital platform and are compared with
simulated results of both models of SRM drive. The
simulated results of nonlinear model are much in line
with the experimental results

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