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Energy efficiency is one amongst the best most and important challenge in cloud Data centers. The datacenter is the highest resource place in cloud computing. The improper and unformed resource management leads to high energy consumption in cloud data centers. Scheduling and Load balancing techniques is doing the resource management in cloud forms. Bring about with better load balancing algorithm improves the excel in the resource assignment task. So as to scale back the energy consumption, this paper proposed three algorithms, the first one is identifying the load balancing factors and redistribute the load, the second one is find out the most suitable server to assigning the task to the server, achieved by Most Efficient First Fit Algorithm (MEFFA) and the third algorithm is processing the task in the server in an efficient way by Energy efficient Virtual Round Robin (EEVRR) Scheduling Algorithm with FAT Tree topology architecture. This EEVRR algorithm improves the Quality of Service via; steps send the task scheduling performance and cut the delay in Cloud data centers. Increase the energy efficiency by achieving the Quality of Service (QOS).

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