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Qutaiba I. Ali


This paper deals with the design procedure of a Road Side Unit (RSU) armed with solar energy harvesting circuit and its power management module. Here, we suggest that RSUs can harvest the energy needed for its work from the surrounding environment, especially solar energy. Such suggestion permits to install RSUs in any place without considering the power supply availability and hence, extensive area is covered by the VANET infrastructure. Embedded UBICOM IP2022 platform was adopted to implement the intended Road Side Unit(RSU). A complete design steps of the electronic circuit was described and the necessary values of the system component, i.e., Solar cell panels, Battery cells and the DC to DC converter was tuned to suite the design goals. In order to decrease the power consumption of the suggested RSU and to extend the life time of the batteries, a new power management scheme we called Controlled Duty Cycling(CDC) was suggested.

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