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Dr.D.Padma Subramanian


This paper presents Autonomous group Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm(AGPSO), with dynamic weights, applied to reduce the real power loss in a system, improving the voltage profile and hence enhancing the performance of power system. Particle Swarm Optimization with detailed study on weights for particle movements is used. Control variables considered are Generator bus voltages, MVAR at capacitor banks, transformer tap settings and reactive power generation at generator buses. The optimal values of the control variables are obtained by solving the multi objective optimization problem using AGPSO Algorithm programmed using M coding in MATLAB platform. With the optimal setting for the control variables, Newton Rapson based power flow is performed for IEEE 30 bus system . Minimization of Real power loss ,improvement of voltage profile obtained and improvement in loadability margin are compared with the results obtained using firefly,GRADE and Group Search Optimization(GSO) techniques..

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[1] 1. Ali asghar Heidari, Rahim ali abbaspour, Ahmad Rezaee jordehi, Gaussian bare-bones water cycle algorithm for optimal reactive power dispatch in Electrical power systems , Applied soft computing, Vol 57, Aug 2017,pp.657-671.