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Rekioua Djamila


Photovoltaic energy is used in different applications and especially in water pumping and irrigation in remote areas. However, the performances of a photovoltaic pumping system can be degraded with variations of insolation and in order to maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaic energy system, it is necessary to track the maximum power point of the PV array. Many methods have been developed to determine the maximum power point (MPP). In this paper we present the results of performance optimization of a PV pumping system in Bejaia (Algeria) climate. The pumped water is desired to satisfy the domestic needs of three different families during three consecutive years (2004-2006). The proposed system is presented. It consists of PV arrays, a motor-pump, and a maximum power point tracker. Due to the intermittent nature of photovoltaic energy source, batteries are added for the purpose of ensuring continuous power flow. The storage battery model used is presented with obtained measurement results. Simulation is developed under Matlab-Simulink Package. Some experimental results are also given to show the effectiveness of the studied system.

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