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saied esmaili
mohsen mohammadin
mohammad reza ranjbar
sajad Kouhi


An evolutionary programming based approach to ‎evaluate the effect of fuel cell power plants (FCPP) on ‎the operational and performance cost‏ ‏of the system is ‎presented in this paper. Since the FCPPs are able to ‎produce simultaneously both thermal and electrical ‎energy, it is used to supply both thermal and electrical ‎of a residential load in Mashhad province of Iran.‎‏ ‏A ‎six-minute thermal and electrical load profile along ‎with variable tariffs for purchasing and selling ‎electricity from the local grid to satisfy the load is used. ‎Finally encouraging results indicate that paralleling ‎FCPP with grid in a hybrid structure for CHP system ‎causes lower operational cost and manifest the ‎feasibility of the proposed technique.‎

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