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Abdollah Kavousifard
Elham Shahyad
Ebrahim Farjah
Haidar Samet


With increasing focus on economical as well as environmentally friendly means for mass transportation, railways are gaining a special momentum in many countries. Traction loads are one of the most difficult types of loads feeding by an electrical utility and causes complications not only for the utility but also for Railway Company. One of the effective solutions for improving the power quality of the electric railway is to install static VAr compensators (SVCs) in the traction substations. This paper discusses a new technique for controlling SVCs in railway systems with the aim of compensating the voltage drop at the point of connection of the locomotives to the railway main line. Also the location and size of the SVC is optimized by Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. A complete model of the SVC with its control circuit is set up and simulated by PSCAD program. The simulation results show appropriate improvement in the voltage profile of locomotive in the point of connection to the railway main line. Also the results show the ability of proposed control system to eliminate the voltage oscillations.

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