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GHOURAF Djamel Eddine
NACERI Abdellatif
HORCH Abdessamad


In recent years, electric power system is undergoing a tremendous change in terms of complexity and uncertainty of power flow in view of the deregulation of electric utilities. Under such circumstances, both inter-area and local oscillations are becoming increasingly significant. In order to cope with these problems, a robust Power System Stabilizer (RPSS) is proposed in this paper to analyse the phenomena of stability of synchronous machines under small perturbations by examining the case of a single machine connected to a large system through external impedance (SMIB system). The proposed RPSS utilizes the robust H∞ control theory to compensate for uncertainties caused by parameter changes and network reduction. The several numerical simulation results have been carried out to show the effectiveness of the proposed RPSS. From these results, it is confirmed that the proposed RPSS is effective in improving the system stability compared to the conventionalRussian power system stabilizer with a strong action (CPSS).

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