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A fuzzy logic based technique for distribution planning is proposed in this paper. In this paper a proposal for a method for locating an optimum site for a substation which has the minimum distance from the various load points whose co ordinates are mentioned is given. By combining the GA and the fuzzy logic technique it is possible to optimize the locations of substations and the conductor layout. Cost associated with conductor layout as well as the capacity of the substations and the distance of the load point from the substation has been considered to determine the optimal conductor layout.
The results of the discussed techniques will lead to a configuration of substations that will minimize substation construction cost. It will further lower long range distribution expenses as it will lead to optimum feeder path. The algorithm and simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment. The application of the proposed methodology to a case study is presented. The technique is shown as a flexible and powerful tool for the distribution system planning engineers. The technique thus developed helps in better project management and plays a vital part in helping deliver corporate strategy.

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