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Engr. Shakeel Ahmad
Prof Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


Future of luminous and prosperous Pakistan is not far if management fully utilizes conventional and new renewable energy resources. To eliminate the imminent load shedding of 6000MW is the extra-ordinary challenge for Pakistan. Some efforts of AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board of Pakistan) can nearly fulfill energy supply demand gap in few years by using the wind, solar, biomass and road traffic potential energy.
Major emphasis of this paper is to generate electricity from the tremendous source of road traffic potential energy. Electricity generation from traffic is newest and different idea in this innovative and modern time. A huge amount of potential energy is being wasted in the form of heat and frictional losses daily at toll plazas and everywhere on the busy road.337 KWh to 400 KWh is being wasted every day at a single busy road. This enormous amount of energy can be converted to thousands of KWh electrical units by installing speed breaker based electromechanical system under the road and can share load of national grid. About 90,000 vehicles pass on a single busy road daily so the road traffic is wasting thousands of electrical units daily as well as millions of money.

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