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G Themozhi
T ArunSrinivas


This work presents the simulation and application of a Proportional Resonant (PR) controlled Interleaved Cuk Converter Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive (ICCIIMD) system. This work recommends Photo Voltaic (PV) fed interleaved cuk converter to fabricate essential DC voltage in the input of the inverter. The output of the PV system is boosted utilizing an interleaved cuk converter. The output of the interleaved cuk converter is inverted and fed to a three phase induction motor. Closed loop PR controlled ICCIIMD system is simulated and the torque ripple along with time domain parameters are compared with a Proportional Integral (PI) controlled ICCIIMD system. The hardware is contrived and the investigational outcomes are related with the simulation outcomes. The PR controlled drive system has benefits like decreased torque ripple and enhanced time domain response.

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[1] Singh B, BLDC motor-driven solar PV array-fed water pumping system employing zeta converter, IEEE