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SujaManimalar R
D Bensiker Raja Singh


A unique impedance Source Inverter with an
Active Front-End is proposed in this paper, that can be
used for controlling AC Drives. There are a number of
modulation schemes that may be used with the threephase
impedance source inverters, ultimate reduction in
the switching losses makes the discontinuous modulation
schemes seem most appropriate. The discontinuous
modulation schemes are differentiated into two classes
based on the technique used for achieving shoot-through
(ST) state: single-phase-leg ST-based and three-phase-leg
ST-based (3P) discontinuous modulation schemes. In this
paper, we discuss the improvements in Single Phase
Maximum Boost Discontinuous Space Vector modulation
(1P/MB/DSVM) scheme under similar operating
conditions, by simplifying gate signal generation and
improving the conversion efficiency. A simulated analysis
and comparison of the conventional and the enhanced
1P/MB/DSVM schemes is also discussed using PLECS.
Lastly, verification of the simulation outcomes and
reported analysis is carried out by making use of a threephase
quasi-Z-source inverter (qZSI) prototype which
demonstrates improvement in conversion efficiency,
utilizing the refined 1P/MB/DSVM scheme

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[1] Mattavelli, Switchingloss reduction in the three-phase quasi-z-source inverters utilizingmodified space vector modulation strategies, IEEE Trans. on PowerElectron