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Voltage stability has been a major concern for power system utilities because of several events of the changes in power systems such as increase in loading, generator reaching reactive power limits, action of tap changing transformers, load recovery dynamics and line or generator outages. They may cause a progressively and uncontrolled fall of voltages leading to voltage instability or voltage collapse. This paper deals with power flow control in electric power systems by use of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices such as the Static Var Compensator (SVC). To study the impact of insertion of the SVC in the electrical network, it is necessary to establish the state of the network (bus voltages and angles, powers injected and forwarded in the lines) before and after the introduction of FACTS devices. This brings to calculate the powers transit by using an iterative method such as Newton-Raphson. Undertaking a calculation without the introduction of FACTS devices followed by a calculation with the modifications induced by the integration of FACTS devices into the network, makes it possible to compare the results obtained in both cases and thus assess the interest of the use of devices FACTS.

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