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M.Santhosh kumar
C.R.Balamurugan C.R.Balamurugan
S.P.Natarajan S.P.Natarajan


The vehicles are important part in our life for transportation. In existing system the main drawbacks are glaring effect accidents due to opposite vehicle headlight illumination at night driving. Second the short circuit fault in automotive wiring. Third is to perceive gas leakage fire accidents. Faults due to increase in temperature on engine. Fifth higher sound in horn which cause disturbance in restricted surroundings. Sixth inaccurate fuel level monitoring in analog meter. Seventh accidents due to unequal wheel pressure. The proposed system has two modules Master and Slave they are communicating through CAN (Controller Area Network).The Simulation has been developed using Proteus simulation .The proposed system will be in cost effective safety system, reliability and hardware size will be small.

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