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A new metaheuristic method, the BAT search
algorithm based on the echolocation behavior of bats is
proposed in this paper for optimal design of Power System
Stabilizers (PSSs) in a multimachine environment. The PSSs
parameter tuning problem is converted to an optimization
problem which is solved by BAT search Algorithm. An
eigenvalues based objective function involving the damping
factor, and the damping ratio of the lightly damped
electromechanical modes is considered for the PSSs design
problem. The performance of the proposed BAT based PSSs
(BATPSS) has been compared with Genetic Algorithm (GA)
based PSSs (GAPSS) and the Conventional PSSs (CPSS) under
various operating conditions and disturbances. The results of
the proposed BATPSS are demonstrated through time domain
analysis, eigenvalues and performance indices. Moreover, the
results are presented to demonstrate the robustness of the
proposed algorithm over the GA and conventional one.

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