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T Bogaraj
J Kanakaraj


Increasing prices, green house gas emission, and depleting nature of fossil fuel makes the world to think about alternate sources of energy particularly renewable energy sources which are green sources, and freely available. Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by replacing the existing fossil fuel based systems with renewable energy sources as far as possible and increasing the energy efficiency of existing systems. Policies of Indian government to adapt more renewable energy sources are rigorous in the last decade. Various strategies taken by Indian government for the last two decades have increased the renewable share in the electricity sector. But the energy demand is increasing at about 10% every year. Renewable energy sources are added in a phased manner into the Indian electricity sector. This paper presents different renewable technologies, developments, potential, and barriers to renewable energy adaption in India. Unused potential of various renewable sources in India are indicated. Also, policies of Government and current, future status of renewable sources are summarised.

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