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Sathishkumar R
V.Chandrasekaran V.Chandrasekaran
V.Malathi V.Malathi


The reduction of multiple reverse conversions in an individual AC or DC microgrid will be analysed through Solid State Transformer (SST). It also facilitates connections from wind and solar power generation to microgrid. The SST interfaced with renewable energy system in microgrid system and its centralized power management strategy is proposed. The proposed AC microgrid system can access the distribution system without bulky transformers and can manage both the central grid and renewable systems. Wind and solar power are uncontrollable resource and also makes a challenging integration for the micro grid, particularly in terms of stability and power quality. The SST interfaced Renewable energy systems such as wind and solar power are proposed with the integrated functions of active power transfer, reactive power compensation, and voltage conversion. The SST acts as an energy router and assure for the benefit of the future residential systems. This system is modeled and simulated using Matlab /Simulink software such that, it can be suitable for modeling some kind of wind and solar power configurations. To analyze more deeply about the performance of the wind and solar system, both the normal and fault conditions will be applied.

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