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Hocine Amimeur
Farid Hamoudi


This paper presents a fuzzy logic control (FLC) associated to the indirect field oriented control (IFOC) of a dual-stator induction generator (DSIG) based wind energy conversion systems (WECS). The DSIG has two sets of stator three-phase windings spatially shifted by 30 electrical degrees. The study of operation of the wind turbine leads us to two essential cases: optimization of the power for wind speeds lower than the nominal speed of the turbine and limitation of the power for higher speeds. Conventional electrical grid connected WECS present interesting control demands, due to the intrinsic nonlinear characteristic of wind mills and electric generators. The FLC has recently proved to be a successful control approach for complex nonlinear systems. The speed in the system is controlled by a fuzzy logic controller. In order to verify the validity of the proposed method, a dynamic model of the proposed system has been simulated, to demonstrate its performance.

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