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Dr. P. M. Menghal, Dr. A. Jaya Laxmi


In most of the industries, induction motors play very important role and that is
the reason they are manufactured in large numbers. For a relatively long period, induction
motors have mainly been deployed in constant-speed motor drives for general purpose
applications. Maximum torque and efficiency is obtained by the speed control of induction
motor. Based on the inability of conventional control methods like PI, PID controllers to
work under wide range of operation, Artificial Intelligent controllers like ANN, Fuzzy
controller, ANFIS, Fuzzy Neural Controller, expert system & genetic algorithm are widely
used in the industry. But, the main problem with the conventional, fuzzy controllers is that
the parameters associated with the membership functions and the rules depend broadly on
the intuition of the experts. Recently the concept of hybrid controller has been grown. To
overcome this problem, ANN, ANFIS and Fuzzy Neuro are proposed in this paper. The
comparison of dynamic performance of induction motor is also investigated by using
Conventional, Fuzzy, Neural, ANFIS and Fuzzy Neural controllers.

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