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Bindu K V
Munnikrishnan.S Munnikrishnan.S
Dr. B. Justus Rabi


The paper presents the new scheme of green energy systems using solar- and wind-energy systems in order to reduce the pollution in the grid. The opportunity of a large wind and solar power production is being explored and also discusses different power electronics circuits and control methods to link the renewable energy to the national grid. This paper recommends some of the modern power electronic converters applicable to hybrid power energy systems which have improved significantly in solar and wind energy technologies to improve the quality of power. A new system configuration of the front-end rectifier stage for a hybrid wind/photovoltaic energy system allows the two sources to supply the load separately or simultaneously depending on the availability of the energy sources. The inherent nature of this Cuk-SEPIC fused converter, additional input filters are not necessary to filter out high frequency harmonics. Harmonic content is detrimental for the generator lifespan, heating issues, and efficiency. The fused multi input rectifier stage also allows Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to be used to extract maximum power from the wind and sun whenever it is available. An adaptive MPPT algorithm is used for the wind system and a standard perturb and observe method is used for the PV system. Operational analysis and the simulation results are given to highlight the merits of the proposed circuit

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