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S.K.Joshi S.K.Joshi
Y.B.Shukla Y.B.Shukla


MOSFETs are now widely used in many power
electronics and induction heating applications. This is due to their
several advantages such as relatively small size, low losses, market
availability, and low cost. In this paper three phase induction
heating system (IHS) using bidirectional switching transformer
(BST) is describes. Proposed BST contain primary bidirectional
switch, high frequency isolation transformer(HIT), matching coil,
and heating system. Switching routine is applied in such a way that
the output voltage regulation is achieved in the full load variations,
even at asymmetrical utility conditions. Simulations are obtained
for proposed BST which consist of three phase input voltage and
three phase high frequency output voltage. The simulation analysis
is compared with mathematical analysis.

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