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G.Giftson Samuel
C.Christober Asir Rajan
M .Muthuramalingam


This paper presents a compare performance two novel maximum power point tracking technique (MPPT) of incremental conductance (INC) and adaptive neural fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) algorithms has been proposed for a two stage interleaved boost converter powered by a set of two photo voltaic panels. Compare the output power of photovoltaic (PV) system under uniform and partial shade condition (PSC). Under PSC, both control methods can eliminate interference of the local maximum power point (MPP) to make the PV array operating at closer to the global MPP. A comparison of the use of the INC algorithm for the individual PV units has also been carried out and the novel methodology using the ANFIS algorithm proves to be better. Detailed simulation has been carried out in the MATLAB SIMULINK environment and a hardware setup has also been devised and tested to validate the proposed technique.

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