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Abstract: A systematic solution for precise trajectory tracking of a three link serial rigid robotic manipulator is presented in this manuscript. A Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller based on fractional order fuzzy technique is implemented using Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulation approach to solve the trajectory tracking problem. Robustness testing of the designed controller for model uncertainties and disturbance rejection is also investigated. To study the performance of fractional order fuzzy based controller, it is compared with different PID variants such as fuzzy, fractional order PID and conventional PID controllers. The performance index of the three link robotic manipulator is observed by computing Integral Absolute Error (IAE) for various percentages of masses and disturbances. The simulink model of the robotic manipulator has been developed using Matlab-simulink environment and its performance analysis are carried out based on HIL via C2000 board to perform the desired task. The HIL simulation for trajectory tracking results clearly indicates the dominance of the fractional order fuzzy controller over the other controllers for various model uncertainties and disturbance rejection.

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