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Anurag shyam
T Prabaharan


A Marx generator delivers high power electrical pulse in very short duration and can be configured to be compact. This ultrafast coaxial Marx generator has also been developed without pulse shaping/peaking circuit. The results of 5-stage ultrafast coaxial Marx generator has a rise time of 800ps, maximum output voltage 75kv, pulsewidth(FWHM) of 1.5ns, and source impedance 63ohm is experimented. The coaxial geometry is used throughout the system to achieve low value of inductance leading to fast rise time of the output pulse. The fast Marx generator, load impedance and Current Viewing Resistor (CVR) are connected in series and the 50mohm CVR is used as a diagnostics to measure the output current. This compact fast Marx generator is fit into a stainless steel (metallic) cylinder. The fast Marx generator is tested for the charging voltages of 10kv with 50ohm and 100ohm ceramic resistive loads. The design and experimental results of coaxial fast Marx generator are presented. This Marx generator can be used as a source for applications like electronics vulnerability test study, Ultra Wideband (UWB) and radar experiments, water microbial inactivation, for killing the breast cancer cells, using pulsed electric field. The few of the applications are discussed.

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