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Madhu palati


Often the Power system equipments are subjected to lightning and switching impulse voltages. To simulate these voltages and test the above said equipment in laboratories, Marx generator is commonly used. This generator produces Lightning impulse voltages of 1.2/50µs duration and switching impulse voltages of 250/2500 µs duration. This paper describes the development of a cost effective and easily portable compact single stage Marx Generator capable of producing lightning impulses as well as switching impulses upto 10kV. This generator can be used by small scale industries and academic institutions to demonstrate impulse voltages and also to perform testing on insulators of lower rating in laboratory. The duration of the waveform i.e. time to front and time to tail can be controlled by varying the values of front resistor and tail resistor. The experimental wave form was compared with the PSPICE simulation waveform and the both waveforms were in close agreement.

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