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hamidreza nateghi
majid shahabi


In order to supply the confident Energy to the consumers, the Power System should be able to bear different disturbance and stays active consistently. The System therefore should be operated as to be able to bear probable disturbance and provide the network consistency in the best way by transferring the maximum Power without Lead Cut out (except areas where cut in to the Fault). Stability of the network and the scheme of single phase and three phase reclosing is different. Special protective relays and control circuitry must be provided to distinguish between phase-to-ground and multi-phase fault conditions. In addition, intelligence must be provided to trip and reclose only the faulted phase. In this paper, single phase and three phase auto re-closing has been studied in one of the Iran's 400KV Transmission line system between Shahidsalimi to Jalal Substation. This simulation is based on John's mathematical models using the EMTP/ATP-MODELS to simulate primary and secondary arc behavior in details. Also Occurrence The phenomenon of overvoltage, because the fault occurred at various points of network has been studied.

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