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Gulam Amer
Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao


: The mains current in an ac-dc converter contains periodic current pulses due to the action of rectifier and output filter capacitor. The high current peaks cause harmonic distortion of the supply current and low power factor. This results in a poor power quality, voltage distortion, poor power factor at input ac lines, varying rippled dc output at load end and low efficiency. The objective of this work is to find out method to reduce the harmonics in the source current and to improve the power factor i.e., ultimately reducing the total harmonic distortion in supply current. Then we will see a hybrid three phase rectifier and how it is capable to achieve high input power factor and low total harmonic distortion of input currents (THD). The proposed rectifier is having single phase Isolated Boost rectifiers in parallel to each leg of existing diode bridge rectifier with some load. This topology results in a structure capable of programming the input current waveform and providing conditions for obtaining high input power factor and low harmonic distortion in current. In order to validate the proposed model, a 2.2kW load model is simulated and results are presented here.

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