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In any power plant or grid, the controller increases the production capacity and the energy savings. However, in the conventional Proportional, Integral and Derivative controller the uncertain parameters and the load disturbances will result in reducing the system robustness. Instead of integer order controller, Fractional order controller gives the better robustness. This paper proposes a novel Fractional Order Proportional, Integral, Derivative plus second order derivative controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator in a synchronous generator. The controller objective is to minimise the Integral Absolute Error through optimum gain values in order to minimize the effect of external disturbances and measurement noise present in the system. Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm is used to obtain the best possible gain values. Saturation and damping elements are used to improve the system dynamic performance. The proposed controller performance is compared with the controllers such as PID, PIDD2 and FOPID controllers. The robustness of the AVR system is improved with respect to model uncertainties like non-linearity and external disturbances using this proposed controller.

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