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S.Vasanthi S.Vasanthi
Dr.C.K.Babulal Dr.C.K.Babulal


Optimal Power Flow (OPF) is a necessary implement in power system operation. To resolve OPF problem Improved PSO with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients (IPSO-TVAC) algorithm is utilized in this document. The control variables applied are reactive power injections, generator real power outputs (except at the slack bus), transformer tap settings and generator voltages. Penalty parameter-less constraint handling scheme is used to handle the inequality constraints. Single objective functions considered in this document are minimization of real power loss, voltage deviation, reactive power loss and total fuel cost. Standard IEEE 30-bus and IEEE 57-bus test systems are employed to examine the proposed IPSO-TVAC and the outcome are synchronize with other techniques reported in the literature. The results from the simulation show the effectiveness of the proposed method. Further, this proposed algorithm brings the system under optimal operation and as a consequence the system becomes secure.

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