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Induction motors have been widely adopted, mainly because of their low price, ruggedness, simplicity of control, and reliability. The induction motor is considered as a robust and fault tolerant machine and is a popular choice in industrial drives. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the importance of vibration measurements in fault detection and diagnosis of induction motors.MEMS based accelerometers are emerging as the alternate method of sensing the vibrations in a rotating machine. With the advent of MEMS technology there is a remarkable reduction in size, power consumption and cost of MEMS accelerometers compared to conventional accelerometer. The primary objective of the work is to detect and diagnose induction motor faults, caused due to electrical or mechanical origin by vibration analysis. Fault causes change in mechanical and electrical forces acting on the machine. This paper gives a justification for the change in machine vibration due to the excitation of voltage harmonics, this in turn will help in electrical fault detection in induction motor. Also, presents a method for detecting faults occurring due to mechanical origin such as mechanical looseness and misalignment in motor shaft coupled to brake drum with the help of MEMS accelerometer used as vibration sensor.

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