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G Srinivasa Rao
S.Siva Naga Raju
G.keseva Rao
A.R Vijay Babu


With increasing interest to decrease vehicle pollution and consumption of fossil fuels Hybrid Electric vehicle has taken on an accelerated pace. Energy storage systems (ESS) composed of battery stack play an important role in Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). In battery stack, small differences between charges under operating conditions tend to be magnified in each charge or discharge cycle. This paper proposes a Non Dissipative Novel Charge Equalization Converter (NDNCEC), in which the intra-module and inter-module equalizer are implemented to equalize the battery charging levels. The equalizer balances the whole stack by sequentially compensating the battery with low charge. The effectiveness of the proposed converter is confirmed by simulating it in MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The robustness of the proposed converter to parametric variations is observed through simulation and experimental studies. The simulation results prove that the proposed voltage equalization circuit is characterized with rapid equalization and simple control. Experimental results of proposed converter validate the equalization scheme which promised low voltage stress, small size and short equalization time.

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