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S. Rajeshwari


This research work is intended to propose a novel single stage three port converter named boost bidirectional buck with buck boost converter(B4C) for interfacing the Photovoltaic(PV) port, battery port, and
load port simultaneously in a power system. The major advantage of the proposed converter topology is the single-stage power conversion which improves the overall
effectiveness of the converter. In order to minimize the current conduction losses, the proposed converter is designed with minimal number of power devices. Finally,
the performance of the proposed system is simulated in MATLAB and the simulation results are verified by implementing a prototype hardware model. In both cases
the converter output voltage is maintained constant when the battery is charging and discharging condition. Moreover, to prove the dynamic performance of the proposed converter based on the overall component count, losses and efficiency a control method based on three domain distribution is also proposed. The simulation results proved that the proposed converter works satisfactorily in all the three-domain distribution methods
wherein the load voltage is regulated in all power flow situations.

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