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K.Selvi K.Selvi


This paper proposes a potent method to obtain load frequency regulation in electricity markets using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with Global-Local best inertia weight strategy. Load frequency regulation is gaining its importance in the emerging electricity markets. A constant gain controller for load frequency regulation does not offer effective control when the system is subjected to sudden disturbances. Hence to retain the performance closer to its global optimum point, it is advisable to track the system disturbances and accordingly re-evaluate the controller gains. In this work, load frequency regulation with PSO optimized integral controller is carried out with an objective taking in account of time domain specifications of error signals in the system. The effectiveness of this method is evident from the simulation results and it is validated that the proposed method is more efficient in reducing the steady state error due to the action of integral controller with optimized gain. The consideration of time domain specifications in the objective function of PSO helps in reducing the settling time of error signals in the frequency regulation of electricity markets.

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