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S.Senthamil Selvan
R.Bensraj R.Bensraj
N.P.Subramaniam N.P.Subramaniam


The negative output KY boost converter (NOKYBC) is one of the type dc-dc converters. It converts the conversion from +ve dc supply voltage into -ve dc load voltage. Owing to enhance the power capability and to minimize the size and weight of the magnetic and filter elements, the operating frequency of the dc-dc converter has to be improved. This article presents the analysis, design and output voltage control of a zero-voltage-switching quasi resonant-negative output KY boost converter (ZVS QR-NOKYBC) in continuous conduction mode (CCM). It works with reduced switching losses and suitable for applications needing the regulated power source such as various medical equipments, telecommunication systems, computer peripheral device, mobile phones etc. The simple control method analogue resonant controller UC3861 is utilized for ZVS QR-NOKYBC to stabilize the output voltage during the line, load variations, and also improve the power capability. The UC3861 controller performance is validated by building both an experimental and MATLAB/Simulink models of the proposed converter at various operating conditions. The results are indicated that the developed controller has excellent performance at different working regions.

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