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A huge inrush of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is anticipated in the near future. As a new generation of transport, electric vehicles have several advantages compared with conventional vehicles in the aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction and human dependence on traditional fossil fuel. As there is an increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) around the world, making EVs user-friendly becomes more significant. The main challenge in theusage of EV is the charging time required for the batteries used in EV, lack of charging stations and therefore charging within existing distribution system infrastructure. In order to provide the comfortable power system for the EV battery system. The power converter must be relate with input power and EV battery power rating state of charge (SOC). Hence the high power converter is needed to give the high voltage and continuous conduction for helping fast and regular charging. The proposed converter is combines the simple boost and cuk converter and proving the high voltage gain and discontinuous conduction mode. The proposed converter is capable of charging EV in variable PV condition. The SOC is measured through Arduino UNO and according to EV battery SOC, the microcontroller is giving the voltage gain to the proposed converter.With the Android application, the users will be able to save time and plan their ways accordingly.

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