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Vijay S. Kale
Mohan P. Thakre


Modern energy transmission systems suffer from great voltage dropping due to enormous loads. Therefore appropriate schemes should be devised to regulate the voltage. FACTS devices such as Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) are often used for this purpose. However, STATCOM at mid-point of transmission line may leads to deteriorate of distance relay operation, resulting in inaccurate estimation of faults locations i.e. over-reach or under reach for different cases. This paper proposed a new three zone algorithm that utilizes synchronized phasors measurement (SPM) to enhance the operation of distance protection in many aspects. The proposed method is tested for 230 kV system simulated in EMTDC/ PSCAD with Bergeron model of transmission line. The results prevailed for adaptive approach scheme are more accurate, victor and robust in equivalence with usable transmission line distance protection with STATCOM.

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