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Ms. Alagu Dheeraj
Dr. V. Rajini


Many sophisticated ac/dc or dc/ac converters with
varied degrees of complexities are available for low voltage, high
current applications like photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, hybrid
electric vehicles, telecommunication power supplies and battery
chargers., In dc-dc, converters like buck, boost, buck-boost are
widely used. In this paper, the mathematical modeling based on
various energy parameters like stored energy, pumped energy,
and time constant, damping constant is done and analysis are
carried out on isolated forward converter with self- driven
synchronous rectifier with current double rectifier. The isolated
forward converter suits the requirements of the above said
applications. Also, the performance of the converter is analyzed
with a controller whose parameters are selected using
conventional tuning method and soft computing approach like
particle swarm and whale optimization techniques.

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[1] Hwu, K I, Yau Y T,, High Step-Up Converter Based on Coupling Inductor and Bootstrap Capacitors With Active Clamping, IEEE Trans. Power Electronics Vol.29, pp.2655 – 2660, 2014