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Thilagam S
Karthigaikumar P


Engine management systems play a vital role in present day automotive systems. The design of Electronic Control Unit in engine management systems involves using self adaptive filters to changing real-time environments. The performance and life of an engine depends on air-fuel regulation, revolution per minute (rpm) mechanism and noise control strategies. Generally, the noises generated from engine, tires, belts and braking systems reduces the overall performance of various systems in a car. The government legislation to regulate automobile exhaust emissions under the authority of Environment Protection Agency in different countries also motivates the car manufacturers to concentrate in engine management systems. Engine noise cancellation thus becomes a vital mechanism providing a thrust to improve the national average fuel economy. This paper presents various engine noise cancellation methods in a car and designs an active engine noise cancellation System using digital adaptive filters. The proposed method is implemented using ARM CORTEX M4 processor and the performance parameters like Convergence factor, Mean Square Error and stability of the system is analyzed and discussed using MATLAB simulation results.

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