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Hadi Jalali


Double Stator Switched Reluctance Machine
(DSSRM) is known as a new Switched Reluctance Machine
(SRM) having two stators and one rotor. This machine
enjoys a short magnetic flux path and high power/torque
density. DSSRM is a non conventional machine yielding
limited information about heat dissipation, thereby making
thermal analysis an essential stage for this new machine.
This study, using finite element method (FEM), employs the
two dimensional (2-D) thermal analysis of Double Stator
Switched Reluctance machine (DSSRM) in order to observe
real heat distribution in the parts of the machine.
Electromagnetic losses forming the heat source are
calculated. A 2-D thermal analysis is done to observe the
temperature distribution and maximum temperature for a
rotation speed of 1000 RPM. Accordingly, simulation results
for an 8/6 DSSRM are presented.

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