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M.Saeed M.Saeed
A.E.Hassan A.E.Hassan
M.saadawi M.saadawi


Many power system problems are optimum problems in its nature. Classic optimization methods are slow and have low performance. Also it does not give global solution for the problem. Using a new technique like PSO is promise technique, but this evolutionary technique sometime do not converge faster because setting initial values of that technique depend on every domain of application. Choose suitable initial setting to that technique which makes it converge faster is a hard task. In this paper, the author used PSO with prediction technique to solve coordination problem. Author used prediction technique to choose suitable initial setting for PSO in the coordination domain. Optimum initial setting of PSO is done which make PSO faster in converging. The case studies are done one before prediction optimal initial setting values. And the other after prediction of optimal initial setting values is used. Results show the second method is valid and conversion is done faster than the first one which proves the validity of prediction technique.
This paper presents a new approach to make the PSO technique faster. The Modified PSO technique cares about the determination of the PSO initial values and number of particles. The new proposed PSO technique is applied to a 10-bus system and a real feeder to calculate the maximum allowable DG penetration level for maintaining the coordination of distribution system's protection devices. A comparison between the results with the classic PSO te

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