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Ananta Adhikari
Raju Wagle
Pharam Singh Thapa
David Sharma


Rickshaw, a small scale low cost, local means of transport used in some part of Nepal especially plain belts and cities requires a lot of human effort and time in pulling which increases the working hours for travelling the particular distance thereby reducing the income of rickshaw puller. Most of the drivers are only male and elderly person and in some cases they are found to be drunk while driving to get relief from pain which makes the travel really unsafe. Moreover e-vehicles commonly used in southern belts of Nepal costs around 5000$ which is unaffordable for low class families and rickshaw drivers. Microcontroller based hybrid e-rickshaw the modified version of conventional rickshaw can overcome the problems associated with the conventional one.
Micro controller based hybrid e-rickshaw is a battery powered, hybrid three-wheeler with provisions of dual drive system either from paddle or electric motor. Micro Controller is used to control the speed of the rickshaw using accelerator which works on the principle of speed control using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique. The micro controller is also used to prevent the supply from the battery when the battery reaches its Depth of Discharge (DOD) in order to prevent it from being damage thereby increasing the lifecycle of the battery. The feature of hybrid system allows the travellers to reach the required destination whenever the battery is fully dead using the paddling system. Moreover braking switch is provided with

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